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Animation since 1988.

Still image from animated feature film The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear
Still image from animated feature film Chekered Ninja
Still image from animated feature film Luis and the Aliens


Dannebrogsgade 1, 1. floor
1660 Copenhagen V.


+45 35 82 70 60

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About the company

A.Film Production - Animation since 1988

A.Film is situated in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Viborg. We produce CGI and 2D animated feature films and TV series for various ages and genre. We are always happy to be involved in co-productions and service work. Through the years we have produced and co-produced a long list of films and TV series so we can honestly call ourselves quite experienced and dedicated!

Two of our most recent films “Checkered Ninja 1” and Checkered Ninja 2” have been total blockbusters in Denmark. A list of other mentionable film includes; Luis and the Aliens, The Giant Pear, Niko 1 & 2, Pettson & Findus, Alfie Atkins, The Journey to Saturn, Terkel in Trouble, Help I’m a Fish, Jungle Jack, Up and Away and Asterix and the Vikings.

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