Logo for Animation Denmark


Animation Denmark is a professional network of Danish animation producers that aims to strengthen the industry and represent Danish animation as a quality brand in an international context.

Denmark has a huge potential to become a top destination for international animation productions. Denmark is an attractive nation for animation when it comes to talent, quality, and production. We can offer a cost-effective production among other services. One of Animation Denmark’s goals is to convey and disseminate this knowledge nationally as well as internationally to strengthen the industry in Denmark and ensure we can keep doing what we are best at.

Animation Denmark is visible on relevant markets, festivals, and industry events around the world to stay in touch, keep ourselves updated, and present our projects to a global audience. We unite to make sure that Danish animation producers now and continuously can finance their projects and sell them internationally. Finally, Animation Denmark wish to gain influence on the political framework that affects the industry.

Our member studios

- A. Film
- Copenhagen Bombay
- Dansk Tegnefilm
- Hydralab
- Ja Film
- Kuntz animation
- M2 animation
- MiniCosmos
- Nice Ninja

- Nørlum
- Parka Pictures
- Pop Up Production
- Skjald
- Sparre Production
- Sun Creature
- Tiny Film
- Tumblehead


Animation Denmark has appointed different committees looking after the association's interests within the respective areas:

General political committee
- Jesper Møller, Parka Pictures
- Claus Toksvig, Nørlum
- Sarita Christensen, Copenhagen Bombay

Media political committee
- Henrik Danstrup, MiniCosmos
- Mads Klausen, Sun Creature
- Sarita Christensen, Copenhagen Bombay

Collective agreements and wage agreements
- Irene Sparre, Sparre Production
- Thomas Borch, Nice Ninja
- Sarita Christensen, Copenhagen Bombay